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Analysis on the development of high electric machinery market

Edit: Jingjiang Jinlun Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 14, 2017

Analysis on the Development of High Electric Machinery Market
In the process of implementing the energy efficiency improvement plan, the negotiation and transformation of the single project is high and the obstacles are high. The establishment of the industrial energy efficiency promotion is conducive to the innovation operation mechanism, the integration of the motor manufacturing enterprise, the contract energy management company, the energy saving diagnostic institution, the finance Credit institutions and other units, to provide diagnosis, program design, financing, transformation, construction, acceptance and other integrated system solutions. "Ministry of Industry and Energy Division General Director Liu Wenjiang recently in the National Electric Machinery Efficiency Industry Alliance set up the General Assembly pointed out.
In order to complete and improve the energy efficiency of the generator and the energy saving work of the motor system, the inefficient use of the motor, the promotion of the efficient motor, the motor industry has set up the Electric Machinery Efficiency Industry Alliance, and adopted the "Motor Energy Efficiency Industry Alliance Charter". It can be seen that China has improved the efficiency of the motor as the focus of industrial energy work, the future development of energy efficient motor manufacturing industry will be more robust and targeted.
Energy efficient motor market gradually heavy volume
At present, the industrial field of electricity consumption accounts for about 75% of total industrial electricity, motor energy has become the key to industrial energy. With the dual pressures of energy saving and environmental protection, energy efficient equipment represented by high Electric Machinery is attracting much attention in the market.
Efficient motor is a universal standard motor with a high Electric Machinery. Efficient motor with new motor design, new technology and new materials, by reducing the electromagnetic energy, heat and mechanical energy loss, improve output efficiency. Compared with the standard motor, the use of efficient motor energy-saving effect is very obvious, usually the efficiency can be an average increase of 4%.
China as early as 2008 will be included in the national energy system energy saving one of the top ten energy-saving projects in 2009 and efficient, ultra-efficient motor applications included in the project. At the beginning of last year, the introduction of the "National Motor Energy Efficiency Enhancement Program", the plan mentioned that in 2015, China to achieve the upgrading of motor products, 50% of the low-voltage three-phase cage asynchronous motor products, 40% of high-voltage motor products to achieve efficient Motor energy efficiency standards; the cumulative promotion of efficient motor 170 million kilowatts, eliminated in the use of low-Electric Machinery 160 million kilowatts, the implementation of the electrical system energy-saving technological transformation 100 million kilowatts, the implementation of the elimination of motor re-manufacturing 20 million kilowatts. Is expected to achieve savings in 2015 to 80 billion kwh, equivalent to 26 million tons of energy-saving standard coal, emissions of 68 million tons of carbon dioxide.
Last August, the Ministry of Industry and Electric Machinery Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization Division announced that it would formally implement the "Electric Machinery Energy Efficiency Enhancement Program" nationwide. The plan is intended to take three years to enhance the national motor energy efficiency and promote the transformation and upgrading of the motor industry. The annual power consumption of more than 10 million kwh more than 30,000 industrial enterprises will be the focus of the implementation of the plan.
Analysis of the industry, Electric Machinery according to this estimate, this time the plan will lead to efficient electrical and related equipment demand close to 100 billion yuan. With the advancement of energy efficiency improvement plans, efficient motor market demand will be gradually released, increasing year by year.

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