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Application Analysis Of Flanges In Mechanical Design

Edit: Jingjiang Jinlun Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd    Date: Sep 14, 2017

Application Analysis of Flanges in Mechanical Design
    Flanges is a disc-shaped parts, Flangess are used in pairs, the most common in pipeline engineering. In the pipeline project, the Flanges is mainly used for pipe connection. In the need to connect the pipeline, a variety of installation of a Flanges, low-pressure pipe can use the wire Flanges, 4 kg above the pressure of the use of welding Flanges.
    Pumps and valves that are connected to the pipe when the parts of these equipment are also made of corresponding Flanges shapes, also known as Flanges connections. Any type of connecting parts that are closed at the same time using two bolts at the same time are generally referred to as "Flangess", such as ventilation ducts, which can be called "Flangesd parts". But this connection is only a part of the equipment, such as the connection of the Flanges and the pump, it is not good to the pump called "Flanges parts." Relatively small, such as valves, etc., can be called "Flanges parts."
    In the pipeline project, the Flanges is mainly used for pipe connection. In the need to connect the pipeline, a variety of installation of a Flanges, low-pressure pipe can use the wire Flanges, 4 kg above the pressure of the use of welding Flanges. Add a seal between the two Flangess and fasten it with bolts. Different pressure Flangess have different thickness and use different bolts.

Carbon steel Flanges is the connection between the two pipes, but it is made of carbon steel material, compared to the traditional Flanges is relatively high strength, is improved products, we now use the general is carbon steel Flanges.
 Flanges for connecting between the cast iron pipe or steel pipe, usually with it to connect the pipe diameter of 50-515mm, the benefits of this connection is because the use of non-steel connection, so easy to disassemble, toughness is also better , Can withstand a certain tension, generally used in the low-pressure pipe connection up. Flat welding Flanges is the general way to make links on pipelines. It can be connected with steel pipes with nominal pressure less than 2.5MPa. The connected smooth, concavo-convex and tongue-and-groove joints can be used in a variety of situations.
 The most widely used in our family is smooth-type flat-welding connections, which are used in the case of slow flow rates, such as low-pressure water circulation systems. In the industry used in the Flanges structure is very obvious, you can always see the Flanges connected equipment, but those are basically stainless steel Flanges.
Flanges leakage, the more common are the following seven reasons.
1. partial mouth
Partial mouth, refers to the pipeline and the Flanges is not vertical, different heart, Flanges surface is not parallel. When the internal medium pressure exceeds the load pressure of the gasket, a Flanges leak occurs. This is mainly caused by the installation of the construction or maintenance process, easier to find. As long as the completion of the project to really check, you can avoid the occurrence of such an accident.
2. wrong mouth
Wrong, refers to the pipe and Flanges vertical, but the two Flangess are different. The Flanges is not concentric, causing the surrounding bolts are not free to penetrate the bolt hole. In the absence of other means, only the reaming or with a small number of bolts into the bolt hole, and the method will reduce the tension of the two Flangess. Also, the sealing surface of the sealing surface is also biased, so that it is very prone to leakage.
3. open mouth
Mouth, refers to the Flanges gap is too large. If the clearance of the Flanges is too large and the external load, such as axial or bending load, the gasket will be subject to shock or vibration, loss of compression force, which gradually lose the kinetic energy and lead to failure.
Wrong hole
The wrong hole, refers to the pipe and Flanges concentric, but the two Flanges relative to the distance between the bolt hole deviation. Wrong hole will make the bolt stress, the force does not eliminate, will cause the bolt shear force, a long time will cut off the bolt, resulting in sealing failure.
5. Stress effects
In the Flanges installation, the two Flanges docking are more standardized, but in the system production, the pipeline into the media, resulting in changes in pipe temperature, the pipeline expansion or deformation, so that the Flanges by bending load or shear force, easy Resulting in gasket failure.
6. Corrosion effects
Due to corrosive media on the gasket for a long time erosion, so that the gasket chemical changes. Corrosive media penetrates into the gasket, the gasket begins to soften, and the compression force is lost, causing the Flanges to leak.
7. thermal expansion and contraction
Due to the thermal expansion and contraction of the fluid medium, causing the bolt to expand or shrink, so that the gasket will produce a gap, the media through the pressure leakage.

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