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Flanges principle and characteristics

Edit: Jingjiang Jinlun Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd    Date: Jun 19, 2017

Flanges principle and characteristics
The problem of Flangess has always been a topic of concern to people, it is related to the company and the company's production costs or economic benefits and other issues, so the Flanges on the principle of continuous improvement and improvement.
However, the main drawback of the Flanges is that it can not guarantee no leakage. This is the lack of design: the connection is dynamic, and such as thermal expansion and fluctuation of the periodic load will cause the movement between the Flanges, affecting the Flanges function, so that the integrity of the Flanges damage, and ultimately lead to leakage. Any product can not be without defects, but try to control the product to the least, so the company in the production of Flangess as far as possible to improve the performance of the product, so that the greatest role.
Flanges Features: Flanges not only save space, reduce the weight, more importantly, to ensure that the joints will not leak, with good sealing performance. The reason why the compact Flanges size is reduced is due to the reduction of the diameter of the seal, which will reduce the cross-section of the sealing surface. Second, the Flanges gasket has been replaced by a seal ring to ensure that the seal faces the sealing surface. In this way, only a small pressure is required to compress the sealing surface. With the required pressure reduction, the size and number of bolts can be reduced accordingly, so the final design of a small size and light weight (than the traditional Flanges weight reduction of 70% to 80%) of the new product. So the Flanges of a relatively high-quality Flanges products, reducing the quality and space, played an important role in industrial use.
Flanges sealing principle: the two sealing surfaces of the bolts press the Flanges gasket and form a seal, but this also causes the seal to break. In order to keep the seal, you have to maintain a huge bolt force, for which the bolt will do more. And larger bolts will match larger nuts, which means that larger bolts are needed to create conditions for tightening nuts. However, the larger the diameter of the bolt, the applicable Flanges will become bent, the only way is to increase the Flanges part of the wall thickness. The whole device will require a great size and weight, which in the offshore environment has become a special problem, because in this case the weight is always the main problem that people must pay attention to. Moreover, fundamentally speaking, the Flanges is an ineffective seal, it needs to use 50% of the bolt load for the squeeze gasket, while the load used to maintain the pressure only 50%

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