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Let the forgings performance flaw analysis more accurately

Edit: Jingjiang Jinlun Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd    Date: Jun 26, 2017

Let the Forgings performance flaw analysis more accurately
To modern times, people for the use of the product requires a higher, the corresponding production also proposed Forgings products put forward higher requirements. And Forgings quality problems in the form of many and more complex, some types of Forgings defects will seriously reduce the performance of Forgingss, Forgings the threat of the use of safety, reliability, shorten the service life, the consequences of the existence of serious defects.
For the quality inspection of Forgingss also made a higher requirement that the Forgingss can not be with the previous defects, in particular, can not let those who seriously affect the Forgingss of the defective performance. To do this, will be in Forgings quality inspection and control, in addition to making full use of existing detection methods and devices, also reflects the contemporary level to take a faster and more accurate detection device and method to make the quality of Forgings quality evaluation, Forgings judgment defects, causes and formation mechanisms are more accurate, more realistic, judgments to ensure that no defective Forgingss are available and appropriate measures can be taken to improve and improve the quality of Forgingss.
(1) the danger of white and white is a kind of steel caused by hydrogen internal cracks in the steel high hydrogen content, steel brittle, from the natural point of view, white spots are also brittle damage. White to steel horizontal mechanical properties are significantly lower in plasticity and toughness, especially as the most dangerous source of a crack, seriously affecting the use of part of the performance and life. Therefore, once the forged white spot is found, the Forgings must be scrapped.
(2) The shape of the white spot on the forged edge of the longitudinal fracture surface is shown as a clear circular or oval silver spot; the transverse specimen on the lower part is less than the small line of the crack in the length of a few millimeters Dozens of millimeters. The same time as the above-
(3) of the white point and the formation of the temperature after Forgings reasons, in the steel and stress (deformation stress, thermal stress and tissue stress, especially the tissue stress) under the combined action of the white point. When cooled to low temperature (about 250 ° C to room temperature this range) white is forged blank form.
(4) The sufficient amount of hydrogen contained in the relationship between the hydrogen and the stress in the form of white steel is a necessary condition for forming a white spot, and the presence of internal stress has the effect of promoting white spots
(5) The three major features of the white (1) white are never formed on the surface of the Forgings. According to the relevant information, it is always formed within the Forgings, there is a white spot area from the Forgings, about 50mm of the surface of the considerable distance. (2) White point is forged when the Forgings is cooled to a low temperature (250 ° C to room temperature). (3) white point is not instantly formed, but gradually formed. From Forgings to white spots to stop, need to go through a period of time, this time known as the white form of latency or latency. The length of the incubation period depends on the hydrogen content in the steel, but also on the thickness of the Forgings

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