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Machined products the basic concept of rough products

Edit: Jingjiang Jinlun Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd    Date: May 18, 2017

Machined Products The basic concept of rough processing products refers to raw materials through simple processing or primary processing of products.

  Roughing is the purpose of rapid removal of the blank for the purpose of roughing should be used in large feed and as much as possible the depth of cutting in order to cut in as a short time as much as possible chips.

  Machined Products Roughing of the surface quality requirements are not high, the tool blunt standard is generally a significant increase in cutting force, that is, the width of the blade surface wear VB as the standard to determine the fine benchmark.

  FORM A is a certificate of origin, more attention is the source of raw materials and processing sites, even if the imported materials and parts processing products, according to Form A fill method, the form of a column: the origin of the standard.

  Completely original product, does not contain any non - original ingredients, exports to all countries, fill "P";

  Machined Products Contains non-origin products, exports to the EU, Norway, Switzerland and Japan, fill in "W", followed by export products HS item number, such as "W" 42.02. condition:

  (1) the product is included in the above-mentioned country's "processing list" in line with its processing conditions;

  (2) The product is not included in the "processing list", but the non-original raw materials and parts used in the production process shall be fully processed. The HS item number of the product is different from the HS grade number of the raw materials or parts used;

  Machined Products Contains non-origin products, exports to Canada, fill in "F". Conditions: The value of non-originating ingredients does not exceed 40% of the ex-factory price;

  Products containing non-genuine ingredients are exported to Poland, fill in "W", followed by the HS product number of the exported product, such as "W" 42.02. Conditions: The value of non-native ingredients does not exceed 50% of the product's FOB price;

  Contains non-origin products, exports to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, fill in "Y", followed by non-origin value of the product accounted for the percentage of FOB, such as "Y" 38%. Conditions: The value of non-native ingredients does not exceed 50% of the product's FOB price;

  Exports to Australia, New Zealand goods, this column can be left blank.

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