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Stainless steel flanges have good corrosion resistance

Edit: Jingjiang Jinlun Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd    Date: Jun 26, 2017

Stainless steel Flanges have good corrosion resistance
Large Flanges should be tested by ultrasonic, no delamination defects; should be cut along the direction of steel strip into a strip, bending welded into a circle, and the formation of steel ring surface cylinder. Do not use the steel plate directly processed into a large flange neck; round all the penetration of the butt welds should be used; butt weld ring should be after welding heat treatment, and 100% ray and ultrasonic testing, and imaging requirements of the JB4730 two Class, ultrasonic test in line with JB4730 level requirements.
Stainless steel Flanges have good corrosion resistance, so it allows the structural parts to permanently maintain the integrity of the engineering design. Chrome stainless steel also has high mechanical strength and scalability, easy to process and manufacture parts that meet the needs of architects and structural designers. All metals react with oxygen in the atmosphere to form an oxide film on the surface. Unfortunately, the formation of iron oxide on ordinary carbon steel continues to oxidize, so that corrosion continues to expand, and ultimately the formation of holes. The surface of the carbon steel can be secured by plating with paint or oxidation resistant metals (eg zinc, nickel and chromium). Stainless steel thin-walled seamless elbow processing technology, which is characterized in the stainless steel tube in the process of pushing the mold and pipe pipe diameter equal to the size of the liner, and then set the stainless steel tube bending mold, and then through the hydraulic machine for the stainless steel tube bending Head mold advance to shape.
Flange manufacturers of the selection is also very important, the quality of the material determines the quality of the product is good or bad, as a raw material for production, that is, elbow products with the production of seamless tube products. Have your own certificate of compliance. Which factory production, material is what material, furnace lot number is how much to all one hundred and fifty said clearly, ask a clear. Not only seamless elbow, that is, in the plate of the product, but also to be clear road. What the heat treatment state and so on. And if the certificate is exactly the same, if the certificate inside the project is not complete, or when the factory has questions, it is necessary from the same furnace lot number out of 2%, absolutely not lower than this standard, at least 2% The And then the corresponding test of the test or make up the missing items. If there is no certificate of compliance with the raw materials, in principle, can not be used. If you have to use, then it is necessary to do 100% inspection, issued by the authority of the department to prove that the information, with this proof elbow, flange manufacturers how to choose the material that there is no original proof of the welding elbow of raw materials Can be used.
In the process of making stainless steel Flanges, the most influential elements of its performance are carbon, chromium, nickel, manganese and other elements, such as these elements will interact with each other. Which stainless steel flange to improve the corrosion resistance and weldability and appropriate increase in the amount of stability elements Ti, Nb, Mo and so on.
The chromium element in the stainless steel flange has the effect of improving the electrode potential of the iron-based solid solution and the function of making the iron passivated, which contributes to the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel. Another stainless steel flange in the carbon element, it has a dual nature, it is in both strength and corrosion resistance, this is a contradictory elements of each other. But the stainless steel flange and can not lack it, it is the main element of the composition of stainless steel products.

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