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The General Process Of Mass Analysis Of Open Die Forgings

Edit: Jingjiang Jinlun Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd    Date: Sep 05, 2017

The general process of mass analysis of Open Die Forgings
       The purpose of quality analysis of Open Die Forgings is to clarify the problem, find out the reasons, take appropriate measures to create a technical standards in line with the requirements of the Open Die Forgings to meet the product design and use of the requirements and to develop a practical preventive measures to prevent Similar to the recurrence of defects, so that the quality of forging forgings continue to improve.
       As the forging forgings in the forging after the heat treatment, and even surface treatment processes and mechanical processing procedures, made after the parts have been put into use, therefore, the Open Die Forgings quality analysis work in addition to the forging after forging quality analysis In addition, it also includes the analysis of post-forging after the heat treatment, surface treatment, cold processing and the use of the process found in the open forging material problem. At this time, in the Open Die Forgings or has been made on the product, may also appear after the follow-up process of improper process, the use of improper maintenance or improper design and selection caused by the quality of the problem, there is in addition to the forging process other than the other Therefore, the quality of semi-finished parts, finished parts, the use of pieces of the analysis, only in the exclusion of the design, selection, heat treatment, surface treatment, cold work and maintenance of the use of factors, to accurately carry out the forging of the forging itself Quality analysis work, so as to find out the reasons for the quality problems of open forging and put forward improvement measures and prevent countermeasures.
In actual work, Open Die Forgings to determine the semi-finished parts, finished parts or die forging failure of what is the cause of what is not a very bismuth thing. It may be easier to analyze the failure of the semi-finished or finished parts, and the analysis of the failure or failure of the die forging will take some trouble. In the analysis of these pieces of failure should first understand the experience of the use of experience and manufacturing experience, that is, to understand the design, selection of materials, Open Die Forgings cold technology, hot arts situation, the situation, the use of maintenance, including environmental conditions, only After a comprehensive understanding of the above situation, and according to the dislocation of the macro, micro-features, these features under what circumstances, whether the characteristics of the conditions of this shape, and through material analysis, mechanical properties Analysis, metallographic analysis, Open Die Forgings coupled with electron microscopy, electronic probe and some other advanced means, with all aspects of professional learning, communication, analysis, in accordance with the failure analysis procedures to produce fault pieces of the real causes of failure, and can Know whether the cause of the fault is the quality of the forging forgings.
    To prevent the surface of the Open Die Forgings and internal cracks, must take the following measures:
       1) Select the high quality of the original blank, the blank surface of the various defects to be completely clean. For example, squeeze blanks often require wagon. In the hammer forging is not easy to wagon small bar material, began to hit, broken coarse crystal ring, and then gradually increase the blow;
       2) Open Die Forgings ingot billet to be full of high temperature homogenization treatment to eliminate residual internal stress and intra-segregation to improve the metal plasticity. Forging heating, to ensure that the heating temperature in the specified heating and adequate insulation;
       3) According to different alloys, choose the best forging temperature range. For example, LC4 alloy ingot the best forging temperature range: 440X: about heating insulation, and then slow cooling to 410-390T: left and right forging, plastic best;
    4) Aluminum alloy due to poor mobility. Open Die Forgings The use of deformation of the forging process (such as scare), and the degree of deformation should be appropriate, the deformation rate to the lower the better;
       5) open forging forging operation should pay attention to prevent bending, bending, and to promptly correct or eliminate the defects produced. Roll round, can not dry 20%, and roll the number of times can not be too much.
       6) tools for forging and forging, Open Die Forgings to fully top the heat, the heating temperature is best close to the forging temperature, usually 200-420, in order to improve the mobility.

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