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The origin and application of forgings

Edit: Jingjiang Jinlun Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd    Date: Jul 12, 2017

The Origin and Application of Forgings
 As early as 4000 BC, people have begun to use Forgings to process weapons, the current Forgings mainly refers to the use of metal materials in the hot Forgings hammer, pressure equipment on the mold of its force, so that the metal material in the absence of separation State to produce plastic deformation, we want to shape, size, and the use of performance indicators of the parts.

Forgings is an indispensable kind of processing industry in the industrial sector. Today's aerospace, weapons, machinery, chemical industry, nuclear power, shipbuilding, metallurgy and other industries are widely involved. In layman's terms, Forgings is the use of external load (impact load or static load) through the Forgings equipment or mold to make plastic deformation of the metal blank, so as to obtain the desired shape, size and quality of Forgings. Of course, the latter part of the heat treatment is also a key factor affecting the mechanical properties of Forgings.

Each kind of processing methods have their advantages and disadvantages, Forgings is no exception, its advantages: 1. Can improve the performance of the metal, so that the organization, the performance into the direction; 2. Die Forgings the relatively small relative capacity is relatively high , The feeding is relatively small, cost savings, almost all of the metal materials can be made through Forgings semi-finished parts, Forgings accuracy is getting higher and higher, can greatly reduce the processing time and cost; 3 processing flexible, small Forgings can be used Forgings, large can be free Forgings. Of course, its shortcomings are also obvious: 1 mold cost is high, the processing cycle is long. 2 restrictions on the tonnage of Forgings.
 Stainless steel Forgings are the important parts of the related machinery with high load and severe working conditions. Due to its performance characteristics, it is widely used in automobile, ship, nuclear power and other industries. Today, Shengrui and everyone to see the performance characteristics of stainless steel Forgings have what.

The stainless steel can improve its microstructure and mechanical properties after Forgings. After the deformation of the casting process due to deformation and recrystallization of stainless steel, the original coarse dendrites and columnar grains into fine grain size, uniform size of the equiaxed recrystallization organization, so that the original ingot segregation, Loose, porosity, slag and other compaction and welding, the organization becomes more closely, to improve the plasticity and mechanical properties of the metal. Can ensure that the parts have good mechanical properties and long service life using precision die Forgings, temperature extrusion process for the production of Forgings, are cast can not match.
 As a key component of oversized equipment, it plays an extremely important role in national economic construction, national defense equipment and modern high-tech major equipment, and its manufacturing capacity represents the national industrial level as a whole. Large-scale high-cylinder Forgings Forgings in the heavy machinery and equipment, metallurgical industry in the rolling equipment, power industry, power generation equipment, weapons and aerospace industry, petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, locomotives and other equipment widely used. Extreme ring Forgings Forgings is a typical key components of the major equipment, both independent of the industry as a large equipment spare parts, but also as a major component of all sectors of the important force components. I need to master the company's own large ring Forgings the core technology, and the formation of their own patented technology, the formation of the type of Forgings for mass production.
The project has applied for utility model patents 7, 1 invention patents, the formation of technical know-how 5.

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