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What kinds of forgings can we produce?

Edit: Jingjiang Jinlun Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 03, 2016

In general, we can supply kinds of ring forgings, close die forgings and open die forgings.

The weight of precision forgings from us is 0.1kg-200kg.

The weight of free forgings from us is 1kg-10,000kg.

The out diameter of the forged rings from us  is 20mm-4000mm.  

We are available of kinds of ring forgings, forged rings, rolled rings, drop forgings, close die forgings, precision forgings,  hot precision forgings, open die forgings, free forgings, forged shafts, forged bars, forged axles, forged housings, forged sleeves, forged gears, etc.

We are not only available of the normal steels and stainless steels, but also available of the customer made materials according to the customer’s demands and DIN, ANSI, EN standards. We had the right partner to supply us all kinds of steels and stainless steels.

Customer made is our core business.


Jingjiang Jinlun Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. 


Jingjiang Jinlun Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd