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What should you pay attention to during the open die forgings?

Edit: Jingjiang Jinlun Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 03, 2017

What should you pay attention to during the Open Die Forgings?
Large-scale forging forgings are generally processed by a certain pressure of the original, for some of the above mechanical equipment is not such a large open forging, from which large-scale forging parts in a number of mechanical equipment play a great protection, the general We are for a large open forging production is a more stringent issue, then, large-scale forging in the production process should pay attention to what the problem?
In the production of large-scale forging we should pay attention to some of the small fine on the side of the problem, such as if we produce a large open forging if the size of the poor side of the words, then it will cause the entire mechanical equipment failure, for our later Life caused great difficulties, let us feel very troubled.
In this large-scale open forging should be with some of the mechanical equipment should be basically consistent, once we are casting large-scale forging process are a certain standard, only in the casting of large-scale forging and mechanical equipment combined, then we only Can be more perfect to produce a finished product, complete the entire cycle of mechanical equipment.
Large-scale Open Die Forgings is generally used in the free forging method, because the free forging is a relatively fast processing methods, can quickly be large metal blocks processed into the required size, the general open forging in the processing time used Most of the forging method, because the forging is used in the form of hot processing, this method can be used in the same time to increase the metal mild, so is the most widely used forging a way.
Large open forging is a metal that is pressurized by plastic deformation to shape the desired shape or the appropriate compressive force of the object. This force is typically achieved by using a hammer or pressure. The Open Die Forgings builds fine particle structures and improves the physical properties of the metal. Large-scale forging manufacturing is one of the key technologies of major equipment manufacturing, its quality directly affects the overall level of equipment and operational reliability.

Large-scale Open Die Forgings is able to carry out relatively large parts processing, but also to carry out the processing of metal blanks, in the processing of the use of free forging method, can quickly open forging die forming. General large-scale open Open Die Forgings is a special mechanical equipment for processing, the metal in the process of forging will be refined and produce qualitative change and deformation.
People are aware of the importance of open forging for a person's life, people know that the factory which is indispensable to an aluminum and conveyor belt, in fact, ring-shaped forging track processing plant which indispensable one thing. So why open-forging forging in the process of repeated mistakes and the emergence of the situation does not match it?
In fact, this and the mold forging the metal itself is closely related to the material, in the modern level of technology conditions, simply any kind of metal materials can be made by casting method forging forgings or parts, only the degree of difficulty is different. Today, the mold forging precision is getting higher and higher, able to reach and even beyond the normal level of precision machining. Such as a variety of cold-temperature kneading standard parts, precision forging gears, precision Open Die Forgings blades, precision forging parts, such as parts; open forging components become larger and bigger, followed by large hydraulic press, Open Die Forgings for more than 100 tons , The die diameter of the forging of the die has reached more than 100 cm; the degree of clipping of the die forging has also made significant progress due to the appearance of the multi-parting surface. The hollow pipe with the blessing line is now available directly on the dedicated forging equipment Forming.

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