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When the open die forgings material needs to pay attention to the details

Edit: Jingjiang Jinlun Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd    Date: Jun 26, 2017

When the Open Die Forgings material needs to pay attention to the details
In general, different forging methods have different treatments to the longest hot forging process. What is the need to pay attention to the selection of materials for the production of Open Die Forgingss? Let's see! Materials are mainly carbon steel and alloy steel, followed by aluminum, magnesium, copper, titanium and its alloy composition.
First of all, we need to understand that the original state of the material has a bar, ingot, metal powder and liquid metal. The deformation of the ratio of the cross-sectional area before and after the cross-sectional area in the metal is called the forging ratio. The right choice forging ratio, reasonable heating temperature and holding time, reasonable forging temperature and final forging temperature, reasonable deformation, deformation rate has greatly improved product quality and reduce costs.
For the general small and medium Open Die Forgingss, round or square bar is blank. Bar organization and mechanical properties, good, accurate shape and size of the particles evenly, the surface quality is good, easy to organize mass production. As long as the reasonable control of heating temperature and deformation conditions, do not need large forging deformation can be forging out of the excellent performance of die forging.
The ingot is only used for large open forging. The ingot is the center of the as-cast, larger columnar crystals and osteoporosis. It must be deformed by large plastic, the columnar crystals of the mixer are broken by fine particles and will be compacted in order to obtain excellent metal structure and mechanical properties. Suppression and powder metallurgy block the combustion, the hot state can be made by powder without forging after forging. Close to the general open forging die forging powder density, with good mechanical properties, high precision, can reduce the follow-up processing. The powder forged internal tissue is homogeneous and has no segregation and can be used to make the pinion and other artifacts.
The traditional plug welding hole is usually used to add copper, carbon block, iron plate plug welding technology. The forged forgings are relatively viable for the bottom of the hole at the bottom of the block, but if the gap is too large or heavy at the end of the plate affix, use this method under the condition. Welding is difficult.
Welding quality can not guarantee anything. It is difficult to meet the technical requirements of hole plug welding. Threaded drawbar mounting hole. The use of this method Disadvantages: the hole when the thickness of the base material, welding arc magnetic partial blowing strong magnetic field space constraints, surface tension. The effect of die forging gravity is difficult to separate the slag on the molten metal surface. Slag is not easy to remove. On the base metal and weld metal hole is not around the formation of the plug welding slag, pores, the bottom of the formation of good fusion and non-fusion and other harmful defects. The traditional hole plug welding process despite the inevitable defects in the existing production conditions, there is no other feasible way to choose the case. Need to improve the traditional plug welding methods and optimization.

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