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  • Wagon Wheel Axles Wagon Precision Main Shafts

    Contact NowWagon Wheel Axles Wagon Precision Main ShaftsThe axles are widely used in wagons, trains, construction machines,etc. It is a key competent in the machines.We do the Ultrasonic testings of the axles. The axles with tight tolerances, diameter up to 500mm, length up to 2980mm. We made a special machine to drill the three threading holes in...Read More

  • Forged Shafts Axles Stainless Steel Bars

    Contact NowForged Shafts Axles Stainless Steel BarsManufacturing ways: Forged, rough turned, heat treated, CNC turned, milled, drilled, threaded, grinded, etc. Materials: According to customer' s demands, we are available of stainless steels, carbon steels, alloy steels, alloy tool steels, 316L, 316, 304, 304L, 1.4432, 1.4462, 1.4301,...Read More

  • Stainless Steel Nickel Alloy Blind Drive Pipe Flanges

    Contact NowStainless Steel Nickel Alloy Blind Drive Pipe FlangesWe supply kinds of stainless steel flanges according to the customer’s requirements, we are not only producing the flanges according to the standards EN, DIN, ANSI, BS, JB, but also special and bespoke flanges according to the customers’ drawings and samples. We are available of the materials:...Read More

  • Gear Ring Forgings

    Contact NowGear Ring ForgingsGear ring forgings with high quality demands. For the raw materials, should do the reduction ratio testing, macro testing, micro testing, chemical composition analysis. For the raw forgings after pre-machined, should do the UT testing. After heat treatment quenching and tempering of the...Read More

  • Machined Turned Stainless Steel Shafts Valve Handles

    Contact NowMachined Turned Stainless Steel Shafts Valve HandlesSince the stainless steels are one of the main materials in our factory, so we also supply a lot of shafts and bars which made from stainless steels. Some stainless steel shafts are made direct from the round bars and forged bars, some are made from the stainless steel forgings. Materials: 316L,...Read More

  • Cam Gear Square Splined Drive Shafts

    Contact NowCam Gear Square Splined Drive ShaftsWe produce kinds of shafts according the customer’s drawings and demands. Types of the shafts: Gear shafts, splined shafts, hydraulic shafts, square shafts, camshafts, etc. The shafts are made from kinds of bars or forgings, the main materials are stainless steels, carbon steels, alloy steels,...Read More

  • Brass Gear

    Contact NowBrass GearThe brass gears with high precision demand for the assembled hole. They are used for electric motors. It is the key part for the transmission systems. We produce them with our CNC equipments. The size of the brass gear from very small to bigger than 500mm. We always produce the copper gears...Read More

  • Gear Tooth Ring Gear Gearwheels Sprockets

    Contact NowGear Tooth Ring Gear Gearwheels SprocketsGear Tooth Ring Gear Gearwheels Sprockets are used ​For tractors, trucks, cranes, construction machines and other machines. Machining competences: Normal cutting, turning, milling, drilling. CNC cutting, turning, milling, drilling, threading, grinding, hobbing, etc.Read More

  • Forged Ring Gear Rolled Ring Bearing Rolling Forging

    Contact NowForged Ring Gear Rolled Ring Bearing Rolling ForgingWe manufacture the Forged Ring Gear Rolled Ring Bearing Rolling Forging according the drawings and requirements from our customers, we are able to supply the rings with rough forged, rough machined or finial machined. We can also provide the services of heating and machining. We had very flexible productions of the rings, small batch is...Read More

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